Thursday, April 07, 2005

fourth level of maslow's hierarchy of need

I was sifting through my pile of certificates and old documents when I came across my junior high records. It was a single card board sleeve looking thinggy. Blue in color, with my 13 year old mug shot plastered on its upper front corner.

Among the details included within the record is a column about my ambition. It seems that my 13,14 and 15 year old self put up 'ahli sains' (scientist), 'ahli komputer' (computer science dude, i think) and lastly 'pegawai bank' (bank officer. yes, i lack ambition).

The part where i put up compuer science dude as my second career choice amazes me. A computer scientist. I am a software engineer now. So in a way, I am a computer scientist. Maybe I deal in more on computer application rather than the science of it all, but the bottom line is, I deal with the computer technology. That means, I have achieved my ambition. My 13,14 and 15 year old self's ambition.

That thought struck me as amazing! All these years, I always see myself as being last in line, the dregs of the crop. Now, knowing the fact that i achieved my 13,14 and 15 year old self's ambition, i feel elated. I feel complete. I feel as though I have finally ended something that I've begun. This feeling is far more profound than when I got my scroll from Dr. M.

Well, yeah of course I get to fulfill only my 2nd ambition, not the 1st. Maybe I'll write a white paper on 3D graphics, AI or something to fulfill my 1st ambition.

Hmm.. maybe I could get a job as a bank's system engineer or something.


Anonymous said...

i don't remember much bout my old ambition, normally everybody just put askar, polis, bomba. Oh wait, maybe doktor, askar, polis. Don't laugh, that what you got as kampung boy.

but come to think of it, what i want now is still the same as what i wanted when i was a child:

1) meet an alien
2) experience no gravity
3) shake hand with creator of ultraman
4) be a ninja

guess some people never really changed after all

Yours Truly said...

talk about ambition, i still remember my ambition when i was in primary school. i always want to be a stewardess when i was a kid.

then after i finished school got an offer from UTP, and i further my studies. several months later i received a letter from mas offering me the position that i wanted years back. an opportunity, but i turned it down because kononnye i think study is more important than being a stewardess.haha..but i never regret it.

funny thou, because i've never applied the job.

Taqiyuddin said...

hmmm must be the MAS recruiter scouted your sekolah agama for candidates...

Anonymous said...

my ambition when i am that age
1. pemain bola sepak
2. policeman
3. ahli sains


Taqiyuddin said...

hmm... you've got your futsal coming in

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to say i want to be a police, an engineer and business woman...heheheh but now i'm in management and business field....BUT if ppl ask me now what i want to experience to be (if only for a day)..i wish i can work as a maid in a damn rich family hse, where the got only bachelor damn handsome....hehehe (dreamin arrrr?)heheh its hard you know, i b a degree courses in 'maid' thingy....

Dils said...

my ambition was ridiculously unachievable kut

my drjh 4 ambition.. until form 5 tu.. ahh, stupid education syst.

be an archaelogist and found great new civilization.. somewhat like finding atlantis.. something like dat. Even today.. when I am rifling through many many loan files

but i will be content to just step into pompeii now *sigh

Anonymous said...

since i was in std 1...ill always wanna be a 1.pensyarah 2.doktor 3.ahli perniagaan.....n it never change until f5.....

n now, i think i could be a lecturer if i continue my masters' degree....

n i always find an opportunity to seek business deal or something.....even in my teenage years...jual burger la....itu la ..ini la....mcm2....hopefully i will achieve something big in 5 years time....entrepernuers for the next millenium la konon....ahaks

hmm....could i achieve two things in one stone