Thursday, September 15, 2005

unbidden nostalgia

Just now, while i was lying on the bed, i felt that i miss my old boss. The Man. The image of his face came to my mind and also his hands. Then i felt that feeling of loss. Am I gay?

Well, no, i don't think so. But thats not the point of interest.

Time have this ability to erase bad memories and nurture the good one. Give anything enough time, and you will remember it with fondness. Well almost anything at least.

Like childhood years. Most people remember it as being idylic, playfull and responsibility-free. But we often forget about the constant fear. Fear of the dark, fear of mom and dad's wrath, fear of being ridiculed. Anything.

Maybe that's a blessing. We will always remember those times in good memories.

And I guess, I miss The Man's fatherly demeanor.

And that would probably means that i've forgotten and forgiven his mistakes and short comings.

Now, what about me? Have anyone forgiven me? Do they remember me with good memories?

I wish they do. But that's too much to wish for


Dils said...

Why.. its what we do, we usually forgive, if not forget.

I now only have fond memories of my workplace in BCF, but I do not have any fond memories of one particular boss I think. Because I did not forgive him kut for being a mean lil gatal old man

Anonymous said...

i guess u are right dude. right now i only remember about good stuffs while we were living together, although i think u done some shit to me before. LOL

and i hope u will forgive me too, on the shit thing i had done to u. :D

Yours Truly said...

Hey..I remember you with good memories.. Laughing and making jokes over asrol..It's fun..

Yeah..The Man..Thanks to him..Now I know how to work under pressure

Anonymous said...

ye la aku nih jadik bahan joke org aje la. and its fun making joke over me :(

Taqiyuddin said...

well dude, you are the glue that binds us together.

Yours Truly said...

yups.. *Un nods