Friday, September 02, 2005

the age of unoriginality

We're arrived to the age where originality is extinct. There are no more thoughts that have not been thought off. No more ideas that remains unpondered.

To prove my point, go ahead and click here. Notice how there are alot of ppl that have already thought and talked about this topic.

Thus, this day and age, the most we could do that comes close as being original is to paraphrase old master pieces. Like the movie the matrix for example. It a spin on biblical stuff.

So my readers, forgive me for being unoriginal. Nowadays It's the only way of doing things.


Taqiyuddin said...

it is sooo unoriginal that i accidently posted two entries

Anonymous said...

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Dils said...

Taqi.. I think u need to add in haloscan.. hehe

u posted the entry twice accidentally or not?

Dils said...

now.. u cant do that..

huhu.. i answered my own question. How independent of me now. Herm.. cant say if it is original or not..

Taqiyuddin said...

haloscan? whats that?

the double entry was accidental. Kinda. I submitted the entry when i realized that i didn't justify the paragraphs. So i quickly hit the stop button, but it seems that i was too late.

Dils said...

haloscan.. where u can control your commenting syst. Approved and del , sort of stuff..

Anonymous said...

Taqi, blogspot ko kene spam ke ni?