Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mister Gloom

Whats with humans? We are unable to reach total contentment. We are insatiable. Even if people are trying to please us, we would still not be contented.

People often see me as the quite type. Always sitting quietly in the corner by myself, not talking much. Well, there is a good reason for that. I am often paralyzed with fear! yes people. I fear that my actions will bring you harm.

It is a wonder how the things we thought was ok to do, turned out to be our biggest mistakes. Take myself for example. Me in my quiet self, thinks that sitting in the corner by myself is acceptable, but the truth is, people don't really like the silent types.

Don't agree with me? Google out 'witch hunt'.

You see, at around the 19th century, there's this incident where people would hunt for withches. And the usual suspect was of course, old ladies who liked to keep to themselves. People would gather together around a bonfire or something, and somebody would say "I don't like ol' granny hunchback, who knows what she's doing in that shabby hut or hers", and there you go, instant witch. Then everybody will gather up their farming tool and round her up for the bonfire.

Poor ol' granny hunchbacked. She should've tried to be one of those loud obnoxios grannies instead. Maybe people stayed away from ol' granny loudmouth, but at least they don't accuse her of being a witch.

Well, life is unfair indeed. Loudmouthed grannies that's always pester you for gossips, only get curses behind their backs, ol' hunchbacked grannies that don't really want to bother you, get burned alive.

So, people that really know me will probably know by now that I sometimes talk in metaphors. Yes, what with taqi? Talking about witches, fires and all that? Whats with all that?

Well people, I guess the habit comes in a package. Me being the silent type and all.

So whats the point of all this? Why take pains to write up a blog that don't really tell people anything? That weaves the story in cryptic metaphors and hidden agendas?

I think maybe people could start to understand us silent types.
Understand that we don't really need to be understood.


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