Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I went fishing last saturday. Sea fishing. On a 21 foot boat (a sampan is more accurate a description). We spent all day in the 21 foot sampan.

If anyone asks me about how the trip was, the answer will always be 'tiring'. It was indeed tiring, but maybe because i've never really fished that way before. Hell, i've never really fished! It was a good experiance nonetheless. Though I doubt that I'd be jumping to join their next trip. Maybe I might join them if they want to go to a different way of fishing. Deep sea maybe? Marlin fishing? That one sure looks nice in the TV. A fisherman fighting a battle of wills with a big fish. Or maybe a lazy lake fishing.

We caught a lot of fish. 219 of em, but alas, they're no bigger than the palm if my hand. We used the 'appolo' technique. Cast in a line with 4-5 hooks adorned with a little plastic bait, and the small fishes bites. Sounds easy, but it takes getting used to. To know where to cast and how deep and to get the hang of the reeling action. Well, not that hard, really. I brought up 2-3 fishes after about 10 tries.

My regrets are that we didn't catch any bigger fish that day. You know? the ones worthy of a brag or two. And of course, I regret that I spent the whole day at sea! There goes my zohor and asar prayers.

So there you go. No more sea fishing for me. Unless its on a bigger boat. And fishing for marlins and such.

On a 100 foot~ keel,
With a gold plated~ reel,
With loads of fishes on the deck,
Bouncin' Like bitches thirsty for ma peck.

yeah, bad rappin'.


Anonymous said...

Quote - "the ones worthy of a brag or two."

well, i dun worry much bout dat, if u r d typical fisherman, u fish size will grow within each brag, juz go ahead n boast about it, each time u brag, d size will grow an inch or two...

so u gotta brag bout it often.. dun worry, it's _normal_ thing to do for fisherman

Anonymous said...

dude u go fishing? with who?

i rarely know u now. Taqi goes fishing? hmm....

Taqiyuddin said...

did i say it's no bigger than the palm of my hand? sorry guys, i was a bit drowsey last nite.

it was actually, a lil' bit bigger than the sole of my foot. especially the ones i caught with squid as bait.

and did i tell you about the one that got away?

Dils said...

Ohh.. So you got your wish eh~

Taqiyuddin said...

wish? well, when we do get our wish, we realize that it's not really what we need.

Anonymous said...

dude. ko pegi fishing ngan sape?

naiza said...

sayang ku sudah gelap.. jadi si budak itam bertangan belang.. hihi..