Monday, June 20, 2005

snort snort

Twas a night to remember. The sky is clear, the moon is shining its borrowed rays. The breeze was in my hair. I felt elated. I felt alive. The world, the world, it is all around me. I am right in the center of it all.

Its nearly a month since my last post. not quite nearly a month. but almost nearly a month. But the bottom line is, i've never slacked at posting before, not until lately. I think its my current job. It numbs life. Or maybe I am more inspired with tragedy. And lately tragedy eludes me. How tragic. Hence this entry.

Oh tragis nyeerrrrr tragis nyeeeeerrrrrrrr.

Ok, one of the main reason i blog is to log the stuff that i do for future reference. When i'm old and almost senile, i'd like to be able to log into the internet, surf to my own blog and look at the stuff i did when i was young. The mistakes, the good memories, the sufferings, the boredom, the salt and pepper of life.

So here goes. Today, I went to a job interview for a post in mesiniaga. The interview went well. But in retrospect, I think its a disaster. I might not be the one chosen for the post afterall.

The post requires a person well versed in microsoft products. I said a lot of 'uhhh?' when any MS product was mention. Followed by the interviewer's cringing expression. OOooohh

I went to cameron highlands for the weekend. I've been there three times before. The first one at a spur of the moment. The second, with friends on the way back from utp to kl. The third, with my family, to attend a wedding. This one, with friends for a brief respite from KL.

It was cold. Chilling. We stayed in brincang. Never stayed there before. All three of my previous visit was spent mostly in tanah rata.

Cameron Highlands is just a strech of road on a hilly area. Beside the road are farms, Tea plantations and some various other agriculture related attractions. After my second visit there, I realized that there are nothing much to see there. After my last visit, I realized that it was not the place that matters, It was the company.

A couple more years from now, I'm sure i'll go there again.


Dils said...

Why did you go for another interview? dont like ur current job huh?

Taqiyuddin said...

not that i don't like my current job. Its just that if it was a small company, i'd just decline the interview. but since this is mesiniaga, i figured that it won't hurt to try and see if it fits.

Just looking at other possibilities.