Thursday, June 02, 2005

it sort off fits in. everything is. dayme. eh.. no.. KEWL.

ok, these past weeks, i've been working. Doing some troubleshooting and configuration and such. It's hard. It's hard because the stuff that i'm doing is new to me. I'm like pushing the envelope. My personal envelope that is. And whats more? I have to do all the troubleshooting, developing, configuring in a limited time frame.

Why did I say that it all fits? Well, let me tell you. The whole of last month, I spent tweaking my old box to run linux and some other extras. My original plan was to spent the month looking at java codes and do some coding. To prepare me for doing java programming. Well, It turns out that java programming is no trouble at all. As long as you've got a good reference materials with you. Souce samples, books, Google. Yes, google is my friend.

Anyways, I find that, after that one month of doing linux configuration, I've grown accustomed with consoles, directory structures, cheats and hacks. And i'm currently being asked to set us up a secure web server thinggy and such. And where will you find a secure web server? it's in linux. yes, the dark side of the force. Why do i call it the dark side? Open up a linux console, you'll come to a prompt with a black background.

So there you go. Well, not quite yet. There's this other thing. I had a chat with heron the other day. Just now in fact. I chatted with him about how my job now is quite demanding. Demanding in terms of the responsibility being put on me. I felt as though i am 110% responsible if the stuff that I do fucks up. I mean, yeah it is supposed to be like that when you are working. But? I'm just a new guy! Well i personally think that the best way to learn in to put oneself in a tight situation, then you'll have no option but to learn. But the thought did came to my mind that i'm carrying to much responsibilies, too early in the job. So i told heron. And he said '*snort*, be you angles?'. haha, no not really. He said 'Didn't SSi harden you? Didn't it makes you strong?'. I am heavily paraphrasing just now, but the gist is all there. So i thought 'yeah.. SSi did that to me. Maybe the fact that SSi hardens me, allows me to go through each working day without cracking under the pressure.

Thanks to The Man for being such an ass. A benevolent, fraudulent ass. Without the experiance i got from him, I don't think I could handle it.

So here comes the part where I'll say that everything fits. Everything fits.

I would like to thank all my readers for their support and understanding. I would like to extend my love to my love. I would like to go to sleep now.

Thank you.

Good nite.

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