Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So i was napping in my car (napping in the car? whut? whasupwitat?), when i dreamt having a conversation with my beseri school mate. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a goblin leapt out and swing its spiked club She took her leave and I find myself circling the area on my BMX, looking for her (bmx? ahh, i used to have one). In the dream, there was also a corner lot terraced house, painted white, whose previous occupant had moved away. Then suddenly, a red petalled flower blooms and its scent lifts my spirits with its sweet tangy aroma. I'm reminded of rainy days with swallows flying low between century old shop houses. Riding in the back seat while on the way to pudu raya at night and looking up on Sultan Abdul Samad parapets, which was lined with wire cables and stained with years of rain and fumes. A tall mosque brilliantly lit with orange light, framed by the starry night sky and coconut fringes I woke up feeling left behind.

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