Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Dream

I was riding a car down a long road, it was a road trip. In the far distance, i could see a canyon with its base covered with shrub and low trees.

Suddenly, the world went black, pitch black. I felt that i was alone. Slowly i could see a figure materialize in before me, standing about an arms' length away from me. The figure was bathed with an eerie purple light, although i didn't feel that it was eerie when i first saw him. The figure was me, at least i thought it was me. He raised is hands before him in the form of prayers.

Then a voice sounded, it was a question, but it sounded like a statement, it is not in a whisper and neither was it in a scream, it was steady and confident, without any emotion as if the the person saying it does not care to listen for any retort nor any answer.

It says 'Ma Rabbbuka'. And with that my heart sank. I was filled with regret. A regret of my past actions and a regret that it have all ended and i will exist in eternity with it.

And then, i woke up.

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