Monday, January 07, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Since dila recently posted an entry about a book she read. I feel the need to do so too. I've recently finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. It took me quite some time to do so, mostly due to meeting deadlines and drowning my sorrows in games (which always happens when there's deadlines to be met. Ah! the vicious cycle!).
The book tells the story about secrets. Or rather the lives that are affected due to secrets and wrong choices. It follows the life of David, his family and also Caroline, David's co-worker. How the choice that David makes shapes his life, his family and also Caroline's.
In the book we see how their life unfolds in a sort of a parallel narration. In something like a 'what might have been'. Shoot! i can't write a decent book review! Just read the damn book! it's nice. Why is it nice, you ask? Because i say so!
Maybe i should write book reviews more. Did you know that Neil Gaiman started off writing book reviews? Well he did. But it was so that he'd get to know people in the industry and get some networking going.


Dils said...

I read the book. I like how one decision can change the lives around him forever.

I do think its a tad bit depressing though. And not something I will enjoy reading again.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. this is one hell funny entry. and i remembered the vicious cycle.