Wednesday, May 02, 2007

kl tower

Went to KL tower yesterday. It was morning, at about half past eight. I was driving around town without much to do, so i decided to see what the view is like in the tower. I've never been there before and I think this is also true for most KL-ites. We dismiss local atractions and pines to be someplace far away like the eiffel tower or pisa. I bet those parisien would rather die than be seen gawking on the eiffel.
So anyway, i drove up the bukit nenas (is it bukit nenas?) to the base of the tower. There's not much people just yet, it still is very early for visitors to start flocking the area (at least i thought so). Walked up into the base building and notices that people are moving about preparing for the day. The cleaners attending to the tower maintenence, the guards moping around looking bored or having conversation about football.
I looked about for the ticket counter or anything that resembles a starting point for me to get passes to get up the tower. Of course there aren't any since everybody was busy minding their early morning tasks and rituals. After looking around, i found the lifts, and proceeded to embark on it. It took me straight to the observation deck without a problem.
The view was nice. It was a bit overcast but the sun manages to shine through. Mists could be seen filling the valleys of far away hills. I wish the deck is open air, then I could take in the morning air and feel the breeze (bad idea though).
I managed to take a few snaps of KLCC before i decided to take a walk around the deck and soak up the rest of KL scene. This was when i stumbled upon the security. I ignored him at first. And continued to snap more pictures. Then i heard him address me. 'mister, your not supposed to be here. It's 8:30 am, we're not accepting visitors until after 9am. How did you get up here?' says the security guard. My reply was 'Uhh... i took the lift?'.
He excorted me down and said that i could come back up at 9am, after purchasing the Rm20 ticket. I nodded and offered some weak excuses and went off away. I didn't get back up. Maybe some other time.
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Anonymous said...

damn it ko naik dgn free ka?

btw nice pic though

Unknown said...

naik free pagi2.. hehehehe.. tu lah pak guard tido.. hehehhe

Dils said...

Heh.. free ride .. kewl.

Eh.. Its true that locals do shun the thought of going to our own local attractions.

One place you should opt to go.. Taman Rama2. Or Taman Burung. Heh.. I'm planning to go to all of these local attractions.. (apabila ade cuti yg sesuwai..)