Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the bread that nobody wanted

I bought a turkey bread yesterday. I bought one whole loaf of it for everyone. I brought it home, and placed it on the kitchen counter with the rest of the breads. I hoped the bread would be loved. Equally, or maybe more, by the whole family. I hoped so because, that bread is a special bread. It was made with love. It was kneaded with care and passion. It contains turkey. That was why it is a special bread.
I came home today, i wanted to have some of it. To feel the love, the passion, that the baker put into it. I wanted to feel alive. To have the bread fill this emptiness inside me. To make me whole again. Yet, before i managed to do so, i changed my mind. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe i should have gone to it despite all the circumstances. Maybe i should have more courage, and claim it to be mine.
Now, the bread lies on the kitchen counter. Alone. Unwanted. The love. The passion. Wasted.
Do you know how it feels? Do you know how it is like? To be brought into this world. Through an act of love. An act of passion. But yet, upon arriving, you found out that you are unwanted? that you will be discarded?
My heart sank when i heard those words. "We don't like it. It's the turkey. We don't like turkeys in our bread. Take it somewhere else, or eat it yourself."
I hope, with all my heart, that the bread will forgive us. I will take it with me tomorrow, and i wish it will be welcomed in the new family.

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