Friday, November 25, 2005

that sinking feeling when i've realized that i'm fucked up

As i sat in front of my office PC, here at 7 o'clock in the evening, trying to figure out how to hack together a decent administration page, i discovered that the system i am editing comes with its own extensive administration functionality.
This discovery was late in the development. Very late.
Where did it all go wrong? Was it me? Not asking more questions. Not checking the codes thoroughly? Or was it my collegues? By not informing me of the depth and breath of the system. By not clarifying the specification?
One thing i am sure is that, in the future... in the future? Nobody will ever be sure of the future.


Dils said...

Work. Its the pits.

Anonymous said...

hi mate! still remember me..tmn desa tronoh..mike wazowski..just dropping by..ciaoo

Anonymous said...

hoi mike wazowski.. rumet taqi yg selalu tido diruang tamu